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Project Description
BizTalk 2013 TCP/IP community adapter. This is an updated version of the TCP/IP adapter for BizTalk, for use with BizTalk 2013.
This project is a migration of the BizTalk TCP/IP adapter for BizTalk 2010, which was already migrated from 2009. The projects and all references have been updated to target .Net Framework 4.5. Also a new Setup project has been added (InstallShield Limited Edition), since the Visual Studio setup has been ditched and is no longer supported in Visual Studio.

The adapter hasn't been extensively re-tested. Basic functionality has been tested and everything seems to work like it should. If you encounter problems you may tackle them by looking into the code yourself.

Original credits go to and
I have made changes to the 2010 fork of the project:
All rights and license is with original creator.

Installation instructions
  1. Make sure to close the BizTalk Administration Console. Just to make sure everything gets refreshed after installation.
  2. Download and install the setup. The setup makes sure the adapter will be registered in the Windows registry.
  3. Open the BizTalk Administration Console again.
  4. Create a new application (e.g. "BizTalk.TCPIPAdapter") and add the following 3 DLLs as a resource of the application and make sure to select add to the global assembly cache on add resource for all DLLs (you may also use a shared application you already have in place):
    • Microsoft.Samples.BizTalk.Adapter.Tcp.dll
    • Microsoft.Samples.BizTalk.Adapter.Tcp.Config.dll
    • Microsoft.Samples.BizTalk.Adapter.Tcp.Schemas.dll
    • The DLLs can be found in the installation directory (probably C:\Program Files (x86)\BizTalk TCPIP Adapter)
    • AddResource
  5. Go to Platform Settings > Adapters and right-click. Select Add Adapter. Now choose TCP/IP and give it a name (e.g. "TCPIP").
  6. Restart the host instance(s) the adapter will be hosted in.
  7. Ready for use, good luck! :)
To Uninstall
  1. In the BizTalk Administration Console *remove all artifacts associated with the TCP/IP adapter.
  2. In the BizTalk Administration Console remove the adapter itself by right clicking on Platform Settings > Adapters and selecting Delete.
  3. Go to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs in your environment and remove the BizTalk 2013 TCP/IP adapter.
  4. In the BizTalk Administration Console remove the resources you have added a step 4 of the installation.
  5. That should do the trick.



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